Domestic Security

When it comes to the safety of loved ones, HSi don’t leave anything to chance, we provide a fully comprehensive service that covers every aspect of your homes security.

Our domestic intruder alarm systems are designed around the customer’s needs. They are expertly installed, concealing wires and leaving your house neat and tidy.

We cater for all domestic needs, going from a bells only alarm system through to a 24 hour monitored system giving Police and key holders notification if a break in ever occurs.


For us the end of an installation is only the beginning of our commitment to you. We offer maintenance contracts on HSi installed systems and on systems installed by others, a visit will be arranged to check and test the existing system and any work required to bring it up to standards would be undertaken before the maintenance contract commencing.  HSi has the NSI silver accreditation which is a symbol of the dedication and technical ability we offer to our customers.

HSi install, maintain and take over domestic security systems. We use either fully hard wired systems to grade 2 or 3 or we use a ‘hybrid’ partial hardwired/radio system.


This means all detectors, external sounders, keypads etc all have a cable that originates from the main control panel which is discreetly positioned within the property. These cables are expertly installed throughout the property using roof voids, floor voids, and cavity walls to ensure an emphasis on aesthetics using the latest technology to complement your house decor, including contacts, pet friendly detectors, vibration sensors and smoke detectors.



This means the control equipment of accepting radio devices such as contacts, pet friendly detectors, vibration sensors and smoke detectors. The way a hybrid system works is that the equipment that draws the power or current is hard wired direct back to the control equipment so external bells, key pads and internal sounders are hard wired but the detection can be radio adding the flexibility to install equipment where getting a cable neatly would be difficult.

There are generally three types of alarm system:

bells only where notification of activation is by an external sounder only.

Speech dialler we can connect the system to your telephone line where in the event of an activation the alarm system will ring you on your mobile or land line to notify you that your alarm has been triggered. Word of caution, this method is only as secure as your phone line being in tact.

Domestic Signalling

We can connect your system through to custodian monitoring via a piece of equipment called a Digi-Air. This is a domestic version of commercial signalling, it is connected to the monitoring via a ‘World Sim Card’. This connects to any mobile phone network and can roam to always get the best signal. In the event of any activations from your alarm system, custodian monitoring would ring nominated key holders to inform them of the condition of the alarm. This method of signalling is secure as it doesn’t require a phone line.