Monitored Alarm Systems. Are they worth it?

You would be surprised just how many houses in the UK are not protected by burglar alarms. Although recent crime surveys show that burglaries have fallen over the past few months if your home doesn’t have a suitable security system you could be one of the unlucky ones whose house gets broken into.

Deciding what kind of burglar alarm to have protecting your house comes down to how secure you want to feel in your home and the budget that you have. The first and simplest option is a ‘bells only’ system. This means that when your alarm is triggered the internal sounder and the box on the outside of your house will sound. This is a great deterrent, but just think, how many people ignore the neighbours’ alarm or sit at home cursing the noise!

A more secure solution is a ‘monitored system’. A monitored system has many benefits and will protect your home to a very high standard, a standard which will make any of your worries that you have about your home’s security go away.

What is a Monitored Alarm System?

There are 3 main types of monitoring. A speech dialler (also known as text alert), a keyholder contract or a police contract.

With the keyholder and police contracts you have to pay extra per month or annually to have your alarm monitored, and hen the alarm goes off the nominated keyholder or the police will be alerted. The alarm system is connected to a receiving centre, so if the alarm is ever triggered the receiving centre will be notified right away.

Speech Dialler

Also known as text alert, speech dialler is a device built into or connected to the alarm system you have, wired or wireless. When the alarm goes off the speech dialler will call or text the phone numbers that you have programmed into it. It will do this until it gets an answer or can leave a message on one of the phones.

The speech dialler is a good alternative to the keyholder and police monitoring options as there is no monthly or annual fee. All that they need is to be activated or connected to the phone line.

Custodian Monitoring

How does it work

Our monitored alarm systems are connected through to custodian monitoring via a Digi-Air. This is a smaller domestic version of commercial signalling, it is connected to the alarms monitoring system via a ‘World Sim Card’. The world sim card connects to any mobile phone network and can roam so that it always has the best signal. If the alarm is ever triggered custodian monitoring would ring the nominated key holders to inform them that the alarm has been triggered.

Keyholder monitoringMonitored Alarm small

Keyholder monitoring is usually done through another company, which will either respond themselves or contact the keyholders listed if the alarm is ever triggered.

The nominated key holders should ideally live locally and have access to the property.

The 24 hour service that is offered by key holder monitoring and knowing that there is a company which is liable if action isn’t taken offers peace of mind.

Police Monitoring

This type of contract means not only will a receiving centre be made aware of the alarm being triggered, it also means the police will be contacted by the receiving centre.

For the police to come out to you two indicators in the house such as door contact and a sensor must have both been triggered so there is no false alarms and wasting police time.

What are the benefits of a monitored alarm?

  • It is not likely that there will be a false alarm due to the advanced technology in the alarm system.
  • Home insurance companies could offer you a discount if you have a good alarm system
  • If the alarm is ever tampered with or lines are cut, police or keyholders will be notified
  • The alarm system will still deter burglars as well as the other things it provides

In our opinion monitored alarm systems are well worth the money.

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