"Swept from" the empty tyrants Rolex Air-King watch appreciation

Mention the air overbearing type, I believe that many old lover can say a well-known story to the tribute to the pilot's aviation fake watches products, after years of silence, and now return again. And the past is different, this time, the size of the Air King watch increased to 40 mm, the movement using the fake rolex watches top Observatory 3131-type automatic winding movement, compared to the old empty Pa, whether it is design or performance , Have a significant increase. Rolex Air King The new Air King watch case diameter of 40 mm to 904L steel forging. Black dial rich personality, 3,6 and 9 o'clock position marked large Arabic numerals, minutes marked prominently, so that when you can read clearly when sailing. Dial on the "Air-King" (air overlord type) words, the font used in the fifties of last century designed for the original watch. The new air overlord swiss replica watches reflects the thirties of the last century Rolex and the aviation industry's unique link. In the golden age of the aviation industry, aircraft performance is changing, routes continue to expand, long-distance flights have begun to introduce. Air King watch with 904L steel chain chain oyster-style strap, equipped with folding oyster buckle, buckle also installed easy to adjust the chain. This rolex patent extension device is designed to make it easy to wear a strap that stretches about 5mm easily, and in any case, it is more comfortable to wear. The new Air-King's fiery, there is an important reason is Rolex for the first time using the golden crown and green trademark such a classic match. Summary: There is no doubt that the new air bully will be like other Oyster watches as re-widespread attention, and will become one of the annual hot this year, its positioning in the Rolex entry-level pricing, will also attract a lot of love Rolex watch the young crowd. If you also like Rolex watches, please continue to pay attention to us, we will continue to bring you more about Rolex watches related content information!