Rolex air tyrants (Air-King) series of historical heritage

fake rolex watches Air-King has a history of nearly 70 years, is one of the most complex series of Rolex series. In the Second World War, Rolex promised to provide SpeedKing or other designated models to the German prisoners of war on behalf of the British prisoners of war. With the end of the war, replica watches uk founder Hans Wellsdorf, selected to meet the British Battle of the British Royal Air Force pilots series of aviation-themed watch. "Air" series includes Air-Lion, Air-Giant, Air-Tiger, Air-King. Today, only Air-King still exists. However, in 1958, Rolex carried out a unique development plan for specific markets. The measures include the introduction of the Air-King-Date Model 5700/5701 (which is the only 35mm Air King calendar). And 550X models are designed for the US and Commonwealth markets. In the same period, 35mm 5504Explorer shell is also used for Air-King. 5500Air King's shell also comes with the early 5500Exploter. 2 are using the same model. Before 5500, in addition to 6552, are used Cal 10.5 'movement. 1945, 46 years two years uk replica watches has issued three new models. And in 1953 launched 6552, can only be regarded as a transition mode, and 5500 seems to be very similar. 5500 was introduced in 1957, with a 1520 or 1530 movement, but due to the provisions of the US import law, specifically for the US market 1520 and 1530 machine gems reduced to 17 drill. Other markets 1520; 1530 movement is 25 or 26 gems. The difference between the movement model is expressed in the dial with the text Precision that 1520, with Super Precision that 1530. During the 37-year production run, many face panels were used. Many companies and Rolex cooperation in the disk printed on their own name. Today, some are extremely rare, including double red. This disk is the early production of the dial on the red Air King and Super Precision. After 5500 launch, after a long 32 years of operation, in 1989 the Air King upgraded to sapphire crystal mirror and the new CAL 3000 movement. The new Air King was re-crowned to 14,000 new models. After the updated version, the disk has a nail, roman word, and Exploter with the style of 3/6/9 disk. 14010 also launched in the same year, the introduction of the 13 known outside the ring (Engine Turned Bezel). In 2000 the 14000 series update upgrade movement CAL 3130. Model changes to 14000M. The same 14010 also upgraded the movement model upgrade to 14010M. This is just to upgrade the movement, the mirror of the small crown from the beginning after 2001 there. 14000M series in 2007 to give way to 1142XX. The series is a new faceplate of AirKing. The new concentric dial increased, the lugs thickened, and replaced a brand new oyster strap (78350). 14010M upgrade to 114210, the outer ring is retained, but only the initial period of time. (Now discontinued). Then the fluted bezel was first applied to the Air King outer ring. Is now 114234. In addition, 1142XX is the first to receive COSC certified Air King. These changes make the Air King series firmly into the modern Rolex family, becoming an indispensable part of it